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Liquid Mushroom Extracts

Give your body and mind proper support it needs on your journey to vitality and longevity. Find the best organic liquid Mushroom extracts at Life Cykel today!

For thousands of years, traditional medicine has used mushroom tinctures as a primary means of treatment, due to the vast array of health benefits they provide. The positive outcomes and the strong faith in the power of the mushroom liquid extract, has gained them the title ”elixirs of life”. These beneficial mushrooms have mainly been used in Asia, but are now spreading to all corners of the world, and are being named functional mushrooms.

Functional mushrooms are considered a superfood and are now commonly added to people's everyday diet.

Today, we are discovering more and more about the benefits of using these mushrooms and extensive research is being undertaken to understand the bioactive compounds within the mushrooms that provide them with such power.

Life Cykel's liquid double extracts have been carefully created to be some of the most potent mushroom extracts in the world. Our extract range includes Reishi, Cordyceps, Shiitake, Lion's Mane and Turkey Tail mushrooms.

Not only do we provide you with an amazing mushroom liquid extract, when producing our extracts we aim to integrate Circular Economy principles wherever possible. Also where available we're using Australian native mushroom strains that have been meticulously infused with Australian native, wild harvested Kakadu Plum.

Learn more about our mushrooms by browsing our range of liquid mushroom extracts below or click here to read our latest blogs on these fantastic fungi.

Follow this link to check out some of the Scientific Papers and websites we used for our Mushroom Research.