Mushrooms Are Our Future

Waste into Food

While we all love our delicious cup of morning coffee, this boom in society has led to an unseen problem. It is estimated globally that 2 billion tons of coffee waste is produced every year. We build coffee waste mushroom farms, taking coffee ground from Australian cafes and use it to grow gourmet mushrooms.

Introducing the Solar Shroom Room

Feed your community. Monetise your backyard.

Fundraise & Educate with Life Cykel!

Raise money in a sustainable and healthy way with our Mushrooms and Microgreens Boxes.

Meet the Funguys

Ryan Creed and Julian Mitchell co-founded Life Cykel in 2015 after discovering how to grow gourmet mushrooms from waste coffee grounds. Leaving their health professional jobs in the WA mines, they set out on a mission to inspire new attitudes towards food production, waste products and mushrooms.

Latest News From the World of Mushrooms

Oyster Mushroom Soup🍄

A delicious and nutritious soup for any time of the year that will nourish you and is easy to make, ticking a lot of boxes from vegan to grain free

The Journey of Coffee

Less than 1% of coffee beans ends up in our cup, what happens with the other 99%? Life Cykel looks at what it takes to produce coffee and offers positive solutions for what to do with this “waste”.

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