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Life Cykel is a company that strives to give back to the planet and the people.

We are happy to announce that we are now helping to facilitate growing Australian native and/or food-bearing trees whilst uplifting local communities by getting them involved in meaningful projects.

We have a proud relationship with Byron Bay Herb Nursery a non for profit disability charity that provides employment opportunities to people with a disability.

Gift a tree

It is important to us that we grow and gift a diverse range of trees that will be beneficial to the ecosystem or community they are planted in, helping to build towards a decentralised and sustainable future.

We are committed to restoring and rebuilding the environment, especially in Australia where bush fires have destroyed thousands of square kilometres of land and intense deforestation threatens native habitats and thousands of native endemic species.

You can help to regrow Australia from the soil up! 

  • By planting one tree and allowing it to grow for 30 years, will offset the emissions created from a drive of around 500 kms, or a flight of about 2,000 km.
  • One tree can store approximately 1,250 kilograms of carbon. That's the equivalent of offsetting a return flight from Los Angeles to London.
  • Only 16 trees can offset the annual carbon emissions of an average Australian household over its 30 year life.

100% of your donation will be given to the Byron Bay Herb Nursery.