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What is Beemunity enhanced mushroom honey?
Our friendly pollinators have been using mushrooms and bush foods from the beginning of time. Now Life Cykel have collaborated with local Australian beekeepers to discover immune enhancing results when Beemunity Booster (native medicinal mushrooms and bush berries) are consumed by the bees. Now you can consume the honey these bees have produced. This raw and local honey has been additionally upgraded with Life Cykel reishi liquid double extract.

Your purchase of Mushroom Honey helps save the bees as 10% of profits go to Bee health research and we pay our beekeepers almost 2 times the industry standard. Supporting beekeepers ensures a healthy agricultural system for Australia.

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An Enchanted Love Story

The Mushroom Honey story is a simple one: how do we help save the bees and upgrade human consciousness in a single solution? The answer of course is Mushroom Honey, a golden elixir of pollinated love and the timeless essences of medicinal mushrooms with their many layers of magnificence to be discovered.
Wake up and love your life with mushroom honey! Our silky smooth, light hearted mushroom honey with ‘reishi’ will heighten your sense and will bring the fairy tale into your life.
We’re walking the journey together and today we have chosen to save the bees. 10% of profits go to bee health research. Because for us, the ultimate buzz is saving the bees.
Together we can make change by choosing to heal the planet by what we eat and how we distribute our profits across all industries.

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Pure raw Beemunity enhanced honey (98%), reishi liquid double extract

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