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The Mushroom Feast

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For those who love to eat mushrooms, 'The Mushroom Feast' is an essential book to have in the kitchen. It is a classic, literary cookbook that any fine cook or chef will appreciate.

Mushrooms are a culinary delight and can add such depth of flavour to dishes. However mushrooms evoke much intrigue when it comes to cooking, people are often mystified by how best to prepare them . 'The Mushroom Feast' will help you to utilise this intrigue to the best of your ability. Expand your culinary mushroom repertoire.

In 'The Mushroom Feast', Jane Grigson offers you over 250 tantalising recipes - from the simple to the highly sophisticated - with a diverse range of wild and cultivated mushrooms. She clearly explains how to best prepare both fresh and preserved mushrooms and how they will enhance meat and vegetable dishes. Along with the folklore behind the recipes, their traditional uses, a history of mushroom cultivation and a brief guide on fungi identification.

Format: Hardcover
Publication date: 01/08/2007
Pages: 348
Dimension: 198mm X 129mm

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