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The Food Security Pack

Food for 50 days!

Life Cykel's dry storage plan...

Original Price $1,199.50 AUD
Current Price $770.00 AUD
Original Price $1,199.50 AUD
Current Price $770.00 AUD

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When you purchase the Food Security Pack you will get 10 x Rejuvenation Boxes, which will provide you will 50 days of food that can be stored for a long time.

Get the tools to prepare for the vastly changing global food landscape and give your body the rejuvenation kick it needs with these organic and nutritious ingredients.

Purchase this 10 pack for a great discount! Only $99 per box, with each box providing you with 5 days worth of revitalising food.

The Rejuvenation box is a 5-day Monofuel Meal Plan, which means you will be consuming the same products everyday for 5 days, giving your digestive system a well-needed break to replenish and re-start stronger.

Please note - we do not deliver to countries that do not allow alcohol based products in their postal service. Thank you for your understanding.

Please be aware that if you are shipping internationally you may be subject to custom duties. These charges are the sole responsibility of the customer purchasing. Please read our shipping policy carefully before purchasing anything. Thank you.

The box contains a complete set of instructions to guide you through your 5 Day mono-fuel plan.

What comes in the box?

Spice Mix

Ingredients: Mustard Seeds, Cumin Seeds

Flavour Mix

Ingredients: Himalayan Pink Salt, Organic Ginger Powder, Organic Coriander Powder

Snack Mix

Ingredients: Organic Dark Chocolate, Organic Goji Berries, Organic Raw Almonds, Organic Raw Cashews, Organic Inca Berries, Organic Mulberries 


Ingredients: 100% Organic Unsalted Butter. Ethically sourced from Australian Grass Fed Dairy Cows

Fibre Mix

Ingredients: 100% Organic Psyllium Husk

Add a tree to your order for just $3 here. Life Cykel Initiated the Grow & Gift a Tree Program in September 2020 allowing customers to add a tree to their order. The trees will be gifted to local communities and organisations that will benefit from them. 

We are able to commence this project thanks to our long standing relationship with Byron Bay Herb Nursery, a non for profit charity that offers employment opportunities for individuals living with a disability. The money given by our customers goes straight to the Byron Bay Herb Nursery to help facilitate growing the trees.

Our Shipping Policy

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Please be aware that if you are shipping internationally you may be subject to custom duties.

Life Cykel has sustainability initiatives in place to help reduce our impact on the planet.

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