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Free shipping Australia wide over $120
Free shipping Australia wide over $120

Drinks To Bring You Peace (3 x 100g)

Shroomalicious®, Red Velvet & Matcha Latte 100g cylinders.


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Original Price $135.85 AUD
Current Price $0.00 AUD

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Wind down and enjoy a calming and restful ritual. Give your body a break from stress and allow it to nurture itself by bringing it the right Certified Organic and pure infusions. A must for everyone looking for more peace in their life and bringing it back down to Earth. 

Each box includes 100g cylinders of the following products: 

  • Shroomalicious® 
  • Red Velvet 
  • Matcha Latte 

That is a total value of $185.80

Organic Shroomalicious® Drink 

There is no other drink like the Shroomalicious® drink. It is functional liquid food for deep flow and bringing out your inner glow. Remember your brilliant exuberant nature with Organic Cacao, Collagen, Cinnamon, Shiitake, Turkey Tail, Kakadu Plum and more powerful ingredients. This formula is packed full of Certified Organic delicious & nutritious elements. Nourishing inner outer beauty fusion in a cup, perfect for chilly mornings, days and evenings or make an iced version in the summer! 

Organic Matcha Latte 

Enjoy this rich and earthy Organic Matcha Latte that offers a slightly tart, sweet and nutty flavour, infused with Davidson Plum and Chaga for your daily mushroom boost. The perfect alternative morning beverage to bring you pure, clean energy. Matcha green tea has been traditionally used in Asian cultures as a healing drink for centuries due to its nutritious and revitalising qualities. 

Organic Red Velvet 

This Certified Organic Red Velvet Latte is a decadent hot chocolate infused with Chaga & Davidson Plum that will put you at ease. Enjoy the slightly tart, sweet and earthy flavours and add your choice of milk to get a supremely creamy and delicious mushroom drink that looks pretty as well! A classy caffeine free drink for any time of day. 


Organic Red Velvet  

Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic Beetroot, Organic Chaga Mushroom (Extract 10:1), Organic Freeze Dried Davidson Plum.

Organic Shroomalicious® Drink 

Organic Cacao Powder, Organic Cinnamon Powder, Organic Tumeric Powder, Organic Shiitake Extract 10:1, Organic Turkey Tail Extract 10:1, Organic Ginger Powder, Organic Cardamom Powder, Freeze Dried Kakadu Plum Powder, Organic Star Anise Powder, Organic Nutmeg Powder, Marine Collagen, Organic Black Pepper Powder, Organic Clove Powder

Organic Matcha Latte 

Organic Somage Chamillia Matcha Powder, Organic Chaga Mushroom (Extract 10:1), Organic Freeze Dried Davidson Plum. 

Turkey Tail Pets Extract

Hemp oil, Vegetable glycerin, Filtered water, Mushroom flavour: Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolr) mycelia.

Drinks Directions: Add one tsp (3g) of your favourite drink to hot water with your choice of milk and sweetener 

Serving size: One tsp (3g) of your favourite drink, once or twice daily


Turkey Tail Pets Extract is for animal consumption only. Serving size: 1ml/20kg per day, 1/2 dropper full is approx 1ml (approx. 30 drops).

Add a tree to your order for just $3 here. Life Cykel Initiated the Grow & Gift a Tree Program in September 2020 allowing customers to add a tree to their order. The trees will be gifted to local communities and organisations that will benefit from them. 

We are able to commence this project thanks to our long standing relationship with Byron Bay Herb Nursery, a non for profit charity that offers employment opportunities for individuals living with a disability. The money given by our customers goes straight to the Byron Bay Herb Nursery to help facilitate growing the trees.

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