renew fest stall

For the first time, Life Cykel was part of the Renew Fest, a 2 day sustainable festival in Mullumbimby. With a stall, a workshop, and a panel, Renew Fest was a wonderful event to share our project and spread the word about the power of mushrooms.

All life is interconnected. This is the lesson that mushrooms teach. They are the world’s greatest and oldest teachers, timelessly spawning a wisdom that can just as readily uplift habitats and unite a community. Thomas Louisser, our Chief Technical Innovation Officer, lead the workshop “Life Cykel: Mushroom biotechnology a catalyst for a brighter future” in which we discuss the roles of mushrooms and show you how they can achieve the following:

  • Feeding the future sustainably turning coffee waste into mushrooms
  • Upgrading human immunity and performance
  • Diverting textile waste from landfill returning it to earth with mushrooms
  • Mushroom leather to replace animal leather
  • Replacing antibiotics with medicinal mushrooms
  • Remediating contaminated waterways and soils

Our Co-Founder Julian Mitchell was part of the panel “Fake News and the Death of Big Media: Is that the truth or did you see it on Facebook?” In his speech, Julian made a case for the impact that cover in big media, such as ABC News, Gardening Australia, Huffington Post, Seven new, amongst others, was for Life Cykel. The exposure helped create awareness and gain support across Australia.

That said, they discussed the impact of the news environment on our biology, how obedience, tolerance and daily consumption of superficial information can affect our health, and the value exchange of attention in the new marketplace. The transition from TV to social media is one of the biggest opportunities in human history to broadcast an idea, share a belief and start a business than ever before.

Renew Fest is an opportunity to meet pioneering and innovative projects across the whole spectrum of needs for a regenerative and sustainable society and culture. We are proud to have partnered with the organization of this event and we are thankful for everyone who came to say hi and wanted to learn more about the power of mushrooms.

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