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While we all love our delicious cup of morning coffee, this boom in society’s love for coffee has led to an unseen problem. Coffee ground’s are currently being taken to landfill. The anaerobic environment in which it is placed allows it to become a greenhouse gas in the form of methane. Methane has 20 times the global warming capacity of CO2! It is estimated globally that  2 billion tons of coffee waste is produced every year.

The coffee cherry has been grown abroad, dried, milled, packed and shipped all the way to Melbourne. Given 1% of the coffee bean ends up in your coffee cup, this is a dramatic under-utilisation of energy. This valuable resource is needlessly adding to the waste disposal problems of our city and of our culture in general.

Very few people are aware of the issue. A normal Australian city numbers are in the thousands of tons of coffee ground waste per year going to landfill!

Our solution is to deal with this coffee waste by creating coffee waste mushroom farms in every Australian city. We have a method for growing fresher gourmet mushrooms than you have ever tasted and we can do this in nationwide using coffee waste from the cafes! We built Australia’s first coffee waste mushroom farm in Fremantle, Western Australia and within half a year were growing 60 kg of fresh mushrooms and 200 mushroom boxes per week!

Life Cykel builds coffee waste mushroom farms. We take the coffee ground from the cafe’s and use it to grow gourmet mushrooms. Once the Mushrooms have fruited and been picked we will then use the mushroom infested coffee grindings as a soil amendment for local gardens.

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ABC News even made a video about our Fremantle Mushroom Farm, watch it here!

We want to change this!

Life Cykel Stats

Since our inception, we've been removing waste from landfill, reducing carbon footprints, collaborating with other sustainable businesses and helping organisations teach our youth about saving the environment. Here's how we're doing so far!

Kilograms of coffee waste recycled each week

Kilograms of mushrooms grown from coffee waste

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We work with the best, for the best of the planet

Virgin Australia

We’ve been working with Virgin Australia helping integrate their waste reduction program by collecting their coffee waste to grow mushrooms in Melbourne and Perth.


RED Group, a Melbourne-based consulting and recycling organisation, has developed and implemented the REDcycle Program; a recovery initiative for post-consumer soft plastic. You can now drop off your plastic mushrooms bags at one of over 600 soft plastic recycling points all across Australia and New Zealand.

Find a local drop-off point


B-Alternative aims to cultivate awareness of environmental issues and to provide low impact alternatives to individuals, businesses and groups. We work with them on school talks, fundraising plans and bio cups for our Microgreens Boxes

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