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Beeswax Tea Light Bubbles

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Each pack contains 3 beautiful beeswax Tea Lights and Bubbles. 

💥Reduce your power costs, help save the Bees and generally upgrade the vibes🔥 in your home by making the switch to bees wax candles at least one day a week! 🌷Turn off the burning coal smell in your lounge room and make Sunday the day of old, gold light and read book at night by a shimmering candle that heals and soothes you from the modern lifestyle.🌻 Avoid social media and television for at least one day a week and enjoy the sweet smell and delicate light of our carefully crafted candles! Your power bill will start to shrink and your home will be in perfect light as you connect to Bees and the love they can bring to any home.🐝Local Power is Bees wax Power! Spread the light tangibly with 10% of all Bees wax  revenue going towards"Beemunity" which is further developing ways to increase immunity in Bees by using Mushrooms 🍄 and bush foods extracts in conjunction with many native flowers.

(tip: get a refill pack of Tea Lights so you're stocked for a while!)


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