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Beemunity™ Liquid Extract

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It's time to increase the buzz 

Using proprietary growing and extraction processes the Life Cykel  biotechnology team have created a mushroom extract which includes  native bush foods to help increase the buzz for our pollinating pals.

It is no secret that the health of bees all around the world is significantly degrading due to a range of issues. Therefore it's time to take action and help save our bees in the most natural way possible! 


We mix our rich mushroom extracts with native Australian bush foods from the Northern Territory and together this mix creates an extremely powerful immune boosting tincture that serves as a food base the Bees can feast on in their hives.   


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How to use

Serving size:

Per bag add 1ml of Beemunity™ extract per 700ml of water

Add 350g of white sugar. Final solution is 1:2 (sugar:water) 

1-3 servings per week


Per bag add 350g of white sugar, then add 1ml of Beemunity™, then add 700ml of water and seal the bag. Place bag on the inner cover at top of hive. Use sharp pin to prick 4 holes evenly on the bag so the bees can access the liquid. Check the bag daily to see feeding progress.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place if you are using it regularly, Store in the fridge if you are using it intermittantly to increase logevity


Distilled water, alcohol 30%, Ganoderma australe mycelial biomass, Terminalia ferdinandiana fruiting body flavouring

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