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Mushrooms Of The World

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Get creative!

The perfect gift for a little one to learn and get excited by mushrooms... or release your inner child and pick up some colouring pencils and get creative with this innovative colouring book.

Not only is it fun, you will also be introduced to 92 fascinating mushroom species from all around the globe. From the giants of the fungi kingdom such as the parasol mushroom to the miniature mushies and from the poisonous to the delicious, you will have a wide variety to play with!

Each species is represented in its natural habitat and displayed in rendered black and white illustrations. Learn about these mushrooms too! There are detailed captions to accompany the drawings that provide a description of each mushroom.

Discover the beauty and diversity of the fungi kingdom and the many different mushroom species found in all sorts of habitats.

BY: Jeanette Bowers

Text by: David Arora

Published: 17th April 2013
ISBN: 9780486246437
Number Of Pages: 48
For Ages: 9 - 11 years old

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