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Free shipping Australia wide over $120
Life Cykel Pets®

Life Cykel Pets®

  • Life Cykel Pets Biohacker Set™
  • Life Cykel Pets® Lion's Mane Extract
  • Life Cykel Pets® Chaga Extract
  • Life Cykel Pets® Turkey Tail Extract
  • Life Cykel Pets® Reishi Extract
  • Life Cykel Pets® Shiitake Extract

Life Cykel Pets®

Life Cykel Pets® is a range of glycerin based, mushroom and hemp infused liquid extracts, created to enhance your pets overall wellbeing and happiness.

Allow your pets to feel their best when you introduce them to the incredible potential of functional mushrooms and hemp, which will enable you to provide them with the quality of life they deserve.

My 14yo dog had a stroke which lead to “vestibular disease” (dog vertigo). He spent 2weeks having to be hand fed, lost his balance, peripheral vision, uncoordinated, multiple falls and suffering a permanent severe head tilt. Two weeks on the pets lions Maine mushroom drops and he’s basically back to his old self. This is the highest and most straiRead more about review stating Amazing!!
ght he’s been able to hold his head since his issue a month ago!!! All his symptoms have resolved, and he’s running around keeping up with our 4yo Groodle. Fantastic stuff!! Thank you

- Kate F. Verified Buyer