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Free shipping Australia wide over $120
Free shipping Australia wide over $120

Life Cykel Pets® Skin & Immune Pack - Shiitake & Chaga

Pair together our Shiitake & Chaga Life Cykel Pets Extracts.
$99.90 AUD
$99.90 AUD

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Introduce your pets to the incredible potential of functional mushrooms. Life Cykel pets is a range of glycerin based natural flavourings that will enable you to provide your pets with the quality of life they deserve.

If you're not ready to purchase the Life Cykel Pets Biohacker Set just yet, then you can purchase 2 Life Cykel Pets Extracts in a bundle for a discounted price. Try out our Skin & Immune Life Cykel Pets bundle, which includes Lion's Mane & Chaga.

Lion's Mane

The Lion's Mane mushroom is one of the most powerful mushrooms in the fungi kingdom. It is an easily recognisable mushroom due to its unique and beautiful appearance of cascading white icicles. Lion's Mane mushroom shows to contain an abundance of bioactive compounds such as corallocins and beta glucans.


"Diamond of the forest", "nature's black gold", "the gift from god"... just a few of the names Chaga goes. Chaga only grows from birch trees in cooler climates and its appearance is commonly compared to a lump of charcoal but boasts a deep golden colour inside. Chaga contains many bioactive compounds such as inotodiol and betulin. It is one of the most highly regarded fungi and has been traditionally used in many baltic countries for hundreds of years.

Serving Size: 1ml/20kg per day, 1/2 dropper full is approx 1ml (approx. 30 drops)

Servings per bottle: 120ml

For animal consumption only.

Ingredients: Hemp oil, Vegetable glycerin, Filtered water, Mushroom flavour: Wild Harvested Dried Chaga (Inonotus obliqous) sclerotia.

Ingredients: Hemp oil, Vegetable glycerin, Filtered water, Mushroom flavour: Lion's Mane (Hercium coralloides) mycelia & fruiting body.

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