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Oyster Mushroom Soup🍄

A delicious and nutritious soup for any time of the year that will nourish you and is easy to make, ticking a lot of boxes from vegan to grain free

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The Journey of Coffee

Less than 1% of coffee beans ends up in our cup, what happens with the other 99%? Life Cykel looks at what it takes to produce coffee and offers positive solutions for what to do with this “waste”.

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Rainforest Bounty Curry with Alkaline Microgreens

This vegetable curry has sophisticated native Australian flavours and is great if you need some alkalinity for your body. Makes 4 meals Ingredients 1 jar of Rainforest Bounty curry base 4 harvested cups of Life Cykel alkaline microgreens  250g Organic white rice 1...

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The Magick of Reishi Mushroom, everything you need to know.

Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) is a medicinal mushroom which has been widely used in China and in Japan for over 2000 years for its many health-promoting characteristics. Reishi mushrooms have been recognized by Chinese medical professionals as a valuable remedy used as a tonic and strengthening medicine.

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Introducing the Solar Shroom Room

Over the last 3 years, at Life Cykel we have been working to act local and think global in how we can help transition Australia to a more sustainable food system. The Solar Shroom Room is an enablement package to grow gourmet mushrooms in the backyard as a local business, in order to create a National Mushroom Network across Australia.

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